It is with a lot of emotion that I look again at the photos that I have taken on the eviction of the artist's Squat of the rue des Pyrenees, in Paris. I remember strongs moments lived in this place and friends that I've met. I remember particularly that time of state's violence against artists. The hopes, the promesses, are vain. The CRS were sent heavily to empty the place of all subversion. And they did a good job.

This squat has allowed numerous plastician artists and musiciens, to work and get together in all freedom. So then, on the contrary of someones thoughts, I did not discover the artists's squat on Internet...:)))

Art exists since the mists of time. And the first artists squatting were'nt the ones who, like at Lascaux, engraved their outlines on the caves walls, first collective spaces of artistic creation?!!!

Michel KISINIS                                    squat



© Michel Kisinis, Photographe Auteur

The eviction of the
Squat of Pyrenees

Photographies of the squat of the rue des Pyrenees,
Paris, France

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