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"Hymn to the artist", a poem written to glorify the artists who have, since the dawn of time, fought for their independence and liberty. Humanity's history contains many examples from ancient times to the Commune de Paris of 1871 to May 1968... and it's not over! These artists are the consciousness and the avant-garde of the humanity that hopes for a new world free from tyranny and superstitions.

Hymn to the artist

Since the dawn of time, you endlessly work.
In the caves, torches lit up your hand,
In the marble where the first verses were engraved,
Born were the most perfect forms in the universe.

Zealous worker for those possessing,
Many times close to the great ones,
Quite a few times servile to tyrants,
But also a rebel so often.
From Zenon, silent martyr for his ideal,
To Courbet, fighting the Versaillais,
The artist rejects his pedestal
So as not to be down-classed to manservant.

Beyond the columns of the Government
The snoring favors and titles,
The yoke of grants and vile remuneration,
The gilding of official hovels,
The exasperation of the towns,
Anonymous, vulnerable artists,
Work alone in silence
To create in full consciousness.

Artist, my brother,
For your independence, pay the price,
Have no indulgence for the affluent,
Arm yourself with your contempt,
and do not despair...

© Michel Kisinis


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This poem constitutes my participation at the Biennale de Paris 2004.
You can order the Biennale's catalog with this form to be printed.


© Michel Kisinis

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